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Network Cutoff

소소한 하루 - 2004. 7. 4. 15:31
The company is getting a network cutoff due to security reinforcement kind of thing. There recently has been a couple of security holes that were found 'vulnerable' and the CEO has finally made a decision to do something about it.

This SHOULD'VE been done earlier, but now isn't really the right time, since all the 'critical works' are being carried out in the development & quality assurance parts. Better late than never?

My worry is much more of a simple thing. This thing won't allow me to surf around the net. People who have experienced network cutoffs that lasted for over a week should know, the complete disaster having nothing to do with their computers but to write documents and excel sheets, or type some codes. No news, no cartoons, no games, no nothing.

And I even have to reinstall everything on my computer(s) which isn't very favorable as well.

Btw, I've had a drink yesterday and had some interesting talk with Min. Somethings about SNAs and MBAs as well as the future of our company and our industry. These things startle me enough to make me start doing something more audacious and persistent. I should read the books 'Emergence' and 'Interactive Storytelling' in order to develop our ideas and have some decent discussion. After all, it's about what you think 'deeply' and what you do, right?
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  1. BlogIcon revo 2004.07.05 00:16 댓글주소 수정/삭제 댓글쓰기

    the network cutoff is not a big problem for me, who is not a 'geek' hoho.
    who's Min by the way?(NC?)

  2. BlogIcon Dotty 2004.07.05 00:25 댓글주소 수정/삭제 댓글쓰기

    yeah, the 'Min' you know. :)
    Only the paranoid survives. Being paranoid in everything that one goes through.
    Great luck to both of us!

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