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소소한 하루 - 2004. 7. 26. 01:14
Source: Fortune

Can legendary id software still compete in the industry it helped create?
By Kemp Powers

No. 1 With a Bullet
So far, id has a perfect record: Every game it has released—including Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake—has become a blockbuster hit.

Gross Anatomy
Doom 3, like its predecessors, is packed with lovingly rendered demons.

CEO Todd Hollenshead

The headquarters of America's most infamous videogame developer lie ten miles east of downtown Dallas and across the street from a Hooters. It is noon, but all the shades are drawn, making the id software offices unusually dark and quiet. The glow of the game animators' computer monitors is the only source of light in most offices, the light tapping of keys and mouse clicks the only ambient sound. Employees say they are immersed in id's legendary "crunch mode," a period before the release of any game during which they work 80-hour weeks and sometimes sleep on the office cot. Yet the place is so quiet you'd think the entire 20-person staff was out sick.

That air of eerie calm belies the intense work taking place in id's office: "It's like being blindfolded and running flat-out through a forest, praying you don't hit a tree," says CEO Todd Hollenshead. But that's not all Hollenshead has to worry about. For id to succeed, its next game, Doom 3—four years in the making—must be a monster hit. And even if this game sells well, as most experts expect, id, one of the last small players in a field of giants, won't be able to take its survival for granted. As in id's videogames, potentially deadly dangers—a consolidated industry, tougher competitors, and a distracted founder—lurk around every corner.

The videogame business has changed significantly since id launched the original version of Doom in 1994. Today id remains a maverick in an industry where most other independent game developers have been bought out by powerhouse publishers such as Microsoft and Vivendi Universal. (According to Hollenshead, id is profitable, with $20 million in sales last year.) Of the top 50 console games of 2003, only three—SOCOM, SOCOM II, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic—were created by independent developers. Today's games, with their complex graphics and realistic effects, have become extremely expensive to produce—in some cases costing as much as $30 million. That's a hefty sum for a small firm such as id.

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