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기업가정신 & 스타트업, 그리고 기술과 디자인에 대한 곳.

Source Link: Naver 지식iN

Strategy(전략)은 거시적이고 장기적인 계획인 반면 Tactics(전술)은 미시적이고 단기적인 방법을 의미. 자주 혼용하는 개념이지만, 실제로는 분명한 의미상의 차이가 있으니 유의할 것.

English translation (for kicks):
Strategy is a macroscopic and long-term based plan compared to Tactics which are microscopic and relatively short-term based actions. These two terms are frequently mixed up, but there is a big difference in their meanings, so bear in mind their use.

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