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SI and the unitary urbanism

Thoughts - 2004. 7. 12. 11:25
Situationist almost seems like an ideology in itself, as in delcaration no.1 -
The situationists must take every opportunity to oppose ideological systems and retrograde practices, in culture and wherever the question of the meaning of life arises.

My question is,
If such constructed situation is a means for unitary urbanism as declared in no.11, isn't that acknowledging the existence, or the purpose for existence of an ideological system?

Now, I'm not that familiar with unitary urbanism itself, but 'planning such' may actually is neglecting the free will of the society in terms of economy and growth, since such 'plans' actually have been proved to oppose to the free-will revealed in nature and the history of the mankind. And it seems like a contradiction - striving freedom for the situationists themselves and opposing to ideological systems, yet trying to supply the 'means' for an ideology as unitary urbanism(as stated above, I would call such 'plans' an ideology) and limiting the 'overall-freedom' of the rest of the society, if such situation may grow to a scale of unitary urbanism.

I wonder how this 'seems-like-contradiction' has proved its meaning throughout the history since 1950s and 60s. There might be a key that's missing - something that I haven't figured out or read. I wonder what that is.

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